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  1. The home buying process begins with a free, no obligation, consultation meeting where we discuss exclusive buyer agency, where you are currently in your home search, the areas in which you are interested, you time table, specifics about the home’s features, and financing the home.
  2. After the consultation meeting, we enter into a buyer representation agreement to protect us both.
  3. Offer counseling and assistance in obtaining financing. Get pre-qualified, or pre-approved, from a lender.
  4. We then begin to search for properties based upon your specific requirements and preferences in a home. We do not show you homes that do not meet your requirements. We search the Multiple Listing Service, available new homes (if a new home is in your criteria), for sale by owner properties, newspaper ads, foreclosures, etc. We also represent clients who desire to build a new home.

  5. You drive by the homes to review the exterior, the curb appeal and the neighborhood. . If any of the homes interest you, we make appointments to go inside the homes. If you are relocating to the Austin area, we will drive you to the various communities and narrow down the areas in which you are interested as part of the search process.
  6. We continue the search process and adjust criteria if appropriate until one (or perhaps two or more) homes are found that meet your goals and for which you would like to consider for an offer. We are always available to answer your questions. We are on call seven days a week and also during the evenings.
  7. We provide opinions about strengths and weaknesses of properties in which you are interested. Perform a market analysis and learn any other information about the homes, recent sales of similar homes in the neighborhood. Review all anticipated costs. Plan negotiating strategy, appropriate offers, timing of the transaction, and pursue financial concessions from the seller.
  8. After an offer to purchase is negotiated and accepted and a purchase contract is finalized, have the home inspected and complete other due diligence. Needed repairs are negotiated.
  9. Select the loan that is best for you and then finalize loan approval.
  10. Manage purchase between acceptance of contract and closing. Attend and represent buyer at closing. We are your employee every step of the way to protect your interests. We are also available after closing to answer any questions during the transition into your new home and community.


Relocation to the Austin Area? Let BuyerSide Real Estate Help! We can help you relocate to the Austin, Texas home of your dreams.

We understand moving from your current home and relocating is a stressful experience. You have important home buying and relocation questions like, "What Austin communities best match our lifestyle," and "How can we locate and buy our Austin dream home when we live hundreds of miles away?"

Now, you can get Austin home buying and relocation answers from a real estate agent you can trust. As an exclusive buyer's agent specializing in relocating families just like yours, BuyerSide Real Estate is ready to help you tackle your Texas relocation challenge.

Your exclusive buyer's agent can help you relocate to the community that best matches your lifestyle, interests and budget - and make your relocation process as easy as possible. We can help you learn about our many unique and exciting Austin, Texas communities.

Building a New Home?

If you are building your new home, an exclusive buyer agent can be with you through out the entire new construction process:

  • Picking a Lot
  • Interviewing Builders
  • Checking References
  • Reviewing Complaints Against Builders
  • Verifying Builders' Financial Positions
  • Negotiating
  • Finally Selecting a Builder

The buyer's agent will be your advocate, counselor, representative and liaison in communicating your interests to the builder.

Your buyer's agent will monitor construction and have a state licensed inspector on site at critical stages of the construction process. Your agent will be with you at the final walk ' through, inspections and closing.

Whether you are building a custom home, track home or purchasing a new spec home on the ground, it is important that you be represented by an experienced real estate professional.

And remember, the sales rep at a model home works for the builder. An exclusive buyer's agent can represent your interests in negotiating a price on a new home, and on all the amenities you may be interested in. You have no leverage if you divulge information and try to negotiate with the sales rep or builder yourself. You should not register at any sales model for new homes or lots. By doing so, you lose your right to be represented by your agent.



First Time Buyers

If you're a first time home buyer, we can help you move into the Austin, TX home of your dreams.

Do you feel like buying your first home is a confusing mess of home financing options, real estate closing costs and home buying paperwork? You're not alone - and your exclusive buyer's agent can help.

Over 40 percent of all Texas home buyers are purchasing their first home - just like you. Your exclusive buyer's agent will gently lead you through the Central Texas area home buying process, helping you discover the perfect house for your needs.

It's important to buy a home that meets your growing needs. Your exclusive buyer's agent acts as your home buying advocate, giving you straight answers to the Austin area home buying questions you have, including:

  • Where do we want to buy a home in Central Texas?
  • What real estate financing options are available to first time home buyers?
  • What kind of a new home payment can we afford?
  • What homes in Austinh are savvy investments for our home buying needs and goals?
  • What things can we do to make buying a home in Austin even easier?
  • We don't have a lot of money for a down payment. Can we still buy a home in Texas?
  • Let us help you make the North Texas home buying experience a little easier. Contact BuyerSide Real Estate, your exclusive buyer broker for Austin, with your home buying questions. We're ready to make your first experience buying a new home a successful one.

Save on Your Loan

After we help you find the right home, we’ll help you find the right loan. Not all mortgage loans are the same, so it is important that your loan fits you as well as your new home.

Because we are your advocate, BuyerSide Real Estate exclusive buyer brokers want you to get the best deal on your loan and save you money. Some traditional real estate agents direct you to their favorite lender. But it is in the lender’s best interest to lock you into the highest possible interest rate that you can afford. Other real estate agents may get a commission from your loan. That’s money out of your pocket.

We know a number of low-cost lenders and will help you consider your unique circumstances, such as the amount of money you can put down on a house, your credit rating and how long you expect to live in the house. These factors can make a difference in finding a loan that is right for you.

Then BuyerSide Real Estate will assist you through the entire loan process; from determining how much you can afford to evaluating and securing the best loan for you. We will educate you about the terms of the loan, points, interest rates and fees so that you will know what you are signing. We will also help you avoid inflated interest rates, unnecessary hidden fees and confusing APRs so that your new home loan is understandable, fair and affordable.

With BuyerSide Real Estate, you won’t be alone when you are getting a loan. Contact us to find out how.

About Mortgages

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Given the uncertainties of the stock market, buying a luxury home is a safer, wiser investment, and one that you can enjoy every day. At BuyerSide Real Estate, we analyze an extensive selection of custom and exclusive homes that fit your wants and needs; that have a wide range of amenities and finishing touches, security, privacy and that suit your lifestyle.

There are many luxury homes in the Austin area and beyond, in planned and gated communities, by golf courses and country clubs, brand new elegant homes or majestic older homes. No matter what you want, we’ll help you find what you are looking for.

Buying a luxury home doesn’t have to be expensive. And high end doesn’t necessarily mean high price, because at BuyerSide Real Estate, we are committed to helping you, the buyer. Our dedicated team of exclusive buyer broker agents know the Austin area luxury home market and will help you get the best price on the best home for you. Contact us to find out more.