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About Us

At BuyerSide Real Estate, our agents represent homebuyers with 100% loyalty, 100% of the time. Unlike traditional agents who do whatever it takes to obtain your business and get both the listing and selling side of the commissions, we work exclusively for the homebuyer.

Today there is more ink about buyer agency in the press, and buyers are more educated about the agency process. If a buyer reads or hears from a friend or associate about exclusive buyer agency, he or she won't consider any lower level of service.

You can have the utmost confidence that we will save you time and money, protect your interests, and negotiate the best possible price and terms for you. You will never have to wonder what is going on with your purchase. We will always keep you abreast of all the details.

We will be pleased to discuss with you how we can help you and answer all your questions. Call today for a free consultation. There will be no obligation, of course!

About Exclusive Buyer Agency:

• As an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, I represent Buyers ONLY. You will get 100% loyalty. I will never try to “sell” you anything, just give you all the information that you need to make informed, educated decisions about any and all homes you may be considering.

• As an Exclusive Buyer Agent, I will negotiate on the Buyer’s behalf with the Seller and the Seller's Agent to obtain the best price and terms for you.

• An Exclusive Buyers’ Broker never accepts listings.

• Exclusive Buyers Agents keep all of the Buyer's information confidential.

• Unlike traditional agents, an Exclusive Buyer Agent has no conflict of interest - I serve the Buyer and ONLY the Buyer.




Texas Broker License 0453825

Sally SnyderWhen I learned about “Exclusive Buyer’s Agency” in 1996 while I was house hunting, I learned that real estate agents traditionally work for the seller and their job is to get the highest price possible. I was excited about the idea of having a professional Realtor® on my side. Working with an EBA made the process less stressful & more rewarding than it had ever been before.

After 20 years as an accountant, I knew that I was not a “salesperson”. Finances, details and information gathering are more my style. I earned my real estate license and became an exclusive buyer’s agent in 1997. I enjoy working in the best interest of the buyer and the relationships that are developed during the homebuying process.

My clients tell me how gratifying it is to have the expertise of a Realtor® who is committed to protecting their interests. My enthusiasm toward consumer advocacy, coupled with my energy, integrity and ethics, help to make buying a home a rewarding experience.

Six Fiduciary Duties of an Exclusive Buyers Agent:

1. Confidentiality
2. Accounting
3. Full Disclosure
4. Obedience
5. Undivided Loyalty
6. Due Diligence

How Exclusive Buyer
Agents Get Paid:

Does it cost any more to have an advocate for what may be the largest single purchase you will ever make? No! Typically, the commissions are built into the sales price of the home and our fees come from the Seller’s proceeds at closing, so there is no additional cost to you. In fact an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent might just save you money.