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We are primarily focused on the Austin, Texas market which includes Austin, North Austin, Central Austin, Allandale, Balcones, Arboretum, Westlake and Steiner Ranch.

Austin, Texas

Austin Schools

  • AISD is a diverse, urban district that is the fifth largest school district in Texas, and serves approximately 86,000 students at 124 schools.
  • Austin students taking the SAT college entrance exam in 2010 exceeded both state and national overall average scores for the fourth year in a row. AISD students outscored their counterparts in the state and nation in Math, and in the state, in both Verbal and Writing scores.
  • Results from the 2009 National Assessment of Education Progress (the nation's report card), show that AISD ranked either first or second in the nation in 4th and 8th grade math and science, and outscored charter schools.
  • Six AISD high schools were among Newsweek's 2010 "America's Best High Schools."

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300 Days of Sunshine a Year

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The Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

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About Austin, Texas

What better balance can a city offer than being both the "Best Place for Business and Careers" and the "Live Music Capital of the World"? Austin pleases all in rankings ranging from "Best City for Relocating Families" to "Best Cities for Singles." Other assessments consistently recognize the region as among the most inventive, creative, wired, rockin', educated, fit and loved.

From "Rough Guides"

"Since the 1960s, this laid-back and progressive city – an anomaly in Texas – has been a haven for artists, musicians, and writers, and many visitors come specifically for the music. Artists hungry for fame are still attracted to this creative hotbed. Local musicians are renowned for their innovative reworkings of Texas' country, folk, and R&B heritage, using Austin's enthusiastic environment as a springboard to national recognition.

It remains one of the best cities in the state for cycling and the presence of the vast and pretty University of Texas campus adds to the pleasant atmosphere. Within the city limits a great park system offers numerous hiking and biking trails and a wonderful spring-fed swimming pool. Looking further afield, Austin makes a fine base for exploring the green Hill Country that rolls away to the west."

From Wcities, Inc.

"Austin is a place where business professionals, artists, musicians, filmmakers and students all bring their passions to life. Even with its population growing rapidly, this city continues to welcome new residents with open arms."

From the Austin Chamber of Commerce

"Why do so many smart, creative and successful people and companies call Austin home? It's more than a great place to work and do business. On top of our thriving economy, we offer unmatched quality of life – for all kinds of people.

That unique and engaging Austin character is built on a solid foundation. We're a community that offers reasonably priced housing, a safe environment, solid schools, healthy and charming neighborhoods, and big-city amenities at a small-town pace. It's no wonder so many people come to Austin "temporarily" ... and end up staying.

Our gorgeous natural setting, in one of America's most unique landscapes, offers plenty of opportunities to get outdoors for fitness, recreation and relaxation. But if you're more the indoor type, we've also got a world-famous live music scene and equally exciting happenings in the creative and performing arts. In Austin, it's easy to make a habit out of having fun.

As Austin takes its place among the world's leading cities, our cultural vitality and lifestyle assets continue to grow. Sure, the city is always changing, but it's usually changing for the better. And you can always find your place in Austin – making friends and getting what you want out of life."